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Table Lamps

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Crystal Tube Classic Lamp

Crystal Tube Classic Lamp

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Table & Buffet Lamps

When you have a table or buffet, it creates the perfect opportunity for tabletop lighting options. Whether your home has a classic and cozy style or a chic modern look, there is a lamp for you. Table lamps can go on accent tables or side tables to brighten a space when it's dark.

Colors for Table Lamps
Table lamps frequently have exciting and colorful bases ranging from clear glass to bright hues. You can find a colored buffet lamp to suit any room of your house. Get a blue table lamp, a green buffet lamp or a floral design lamp to go with your space. Colorful table lamps are appropriate for any setting including an entryway or a living room.

Table Lamp Sizes
Table lamps can be as small as 13 inches high and as large as 20 inches high, or perhaps even taller. They can range from a small slim base to one that has a hearty base the same size and shape as a beautiful vase. Whether you need one that is small or large, you'll find the perfect option.

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