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Console and Side Tables

Console tables and side table don’t have to be just a practical place to set your keys in the hallway – or a drink near the sofa. They can also be statement style pieces on their own. Learn what makes console tables unique from side table (and vice versa) and discover for yourself some of the top trends for styling them.

Console Table vs. Side Table

The difference between a console table and a side table lies in the size and purpose of each. The main purpose of a console table is to provide a sleek surface for displaying decorative items (particularly in a hallway or behind a sofa), while a side table is usually used for more practical purposes – such as placing a drink or TV remote. While there are no “official” size dimensions, console tables tend to run long so that they can run along the length of a hallway wall or sofa back, and side tables tend to run narrow so they can be placed at the end of a sofa or in a room’s corner without taking up unnecessary space.

How to Arrange Console and side table Because they feature such sleek, versatile designs, choosing a console or side table opens up your decorating/arranging options. While you can go the traditional route by placing a console table behind a sofa or in a hallway (and a side table at the end of a sofa or in the corner of a living room), at the end of the day the styling options for decorative tables (console, side or otherwise) are just about endless.

For console and side table in particular, one thing to take into consideration is that they are specifically designed to accentuate the things you place on top of them; wherever and however you do decide to style them – whether it is in a home office as a way to display your collection of books or in a walk-in closet as a prop for your jewelry stands and boxes – make sure they aren’t obstructed from view! In a small game room, instead of trying to make room by squeezing an end table between a bookcase and TV stand (for example), where it could get ‘squashed’ and overlooked, place it at the far end of the bookcase or TV stand where it will punctuate and ‘pull’ the room together. As for the walk-in closet, placing a console table in the very back, where it will be cloaked by hanging clothes and almost certainly forgotten, bring it out in the very center! When a closet is fresh and organized, a gorgeous console table adorned with your favorite jewelry pieces will create an inviting feel – and makes for a great way to start off your morning routine.

Side and Console Table Decor Ideas

Need some style inspiration? Here are just a few ideas for what to put on your tabletops:
- Vases with fresh flowers
- Vintage clocks
- Jewelry boxes or stands
- Shadow boxes displaying seashells, exotic beads or other unique collectibles
- A stack of coffee table books
- Decorative baskets, boxes or ceramic jars
- Framed pictures

In the end, what you put on top of your tables should bring you joy – after all, it’s your home and you are going to be walking past it every day! Incorporate personal mementos, like souvenirs from a recent vacation or a craft you made by hand, to add a one-of-a-kind flair and keep you inspired.

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