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Forge 300 Single Pendant Orange

Forge 300 Single Pendant Orange

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Light Up Your Life with April and Oaks Stunning Lighting Range

Striking lighting can be the finishing touch a room needs, and of course light up your space when the sun goes down. Gone are the days of boring, fringed lampshades looking like they were made of an old curtain, now you can choose from a range of inspiring designs, that will uplift and wow your senses and match your furniture and home decor.

We have a range of designs that will bring together that vintage look, add magical Eastern allure or be the centre of attention when you entertain your friends. With low hanging designs to light up your desk while working on a project, to stand alone lamps, pendant lamps, three shade lamps, bamboo lamps, distressed lamps and much more!

Illuminate Your Life with Style

Shine style and a unique flair into your home, with one of our unusual lighting designs. If you like things to stand out, choose our bamboo lighting masterpiece. Its striking design will create a focal point in a room, as well as a warming glow.

Choose one of our industrial standing lamps, to create an ambience while chilling on the sofa. Kick back with your loved one while it lights things up, and also offers stylish design. If you are a lover of all things luxurious, one of our hanging chandeliers is for you -- their intricate design and classy style will add a real wow factor to your home.

Choose Your Style of Pendant Lamp

With a huge range of pendant lamps, you can take home a different design of pendant lamp for every room in your home. We have rustic, iron, distressed pendants for that vintage, industrial look. Line a few over the dining table, hanging low for those intimate dinner parties.

For a brighter effect, take one of the whitewashed, drum pendant lamps. Their vibe is more clean and fresh, while still having an element of shabby-chic with the distressed finish. For the ultimate in beautiful style and charm, place the Moroccan table lamps in the room for your next social event. While the laughter and drinks flow, they will ensure the vibe of the room stays cozy.

Brighten Up or Dim Down

Some areas of your home need to be brightened up for reading or working, and some areas need a cozy, welcoming glow. Choose floor lamps or hanging lamps with dimmers for the lounge areas. The design of the Moroccan hanging lamps have intricate cut-out designs to only allow a certain amount of light through – to give off a soothing illumination for those relaxing times.

Every bedside table needs a lamp to light things up, while you get into that good book. Why not choose our jewellery hanger lamp, that not only gives you stylish lighting, but offers a place to hang those precious jewellery items.

Add Light to Those Warm Evening Barbeques

As the sun sets over a glorious day, the party shouldn’t stop there – get some stylish lighting over your patio and light up the barbeque for an evening of delicious fun. Express yourself with pretty, sparkling lamps, or set a mellow mood with some of our designer outdoor lighting.

When you look for the right lamps for your space, it’ important to focus on both their form and function. The form of your lamp includes its shape, material and colors −− the basic design elements common to all home accessories. The function of your lamp, on the other hand, is often determined by its type. For example, ceiling lights are designed to provide a basic wash of light to illuminate the space, while floor lamps can add accent lighting if they point upward or task lighting if they are focused on a table or over your shoulder to shine as you read.

Interior lighting Tips
Each room typically needs three types of lighting: general illumination, task lighting and accent lighting. General illumination includes overhead lights that light up the whole space and typically are attached to light switches. While many homes stop here, great interior design adds accent lighting to highlight design elements and create the mood. Accent lighting can be anything from a spotlight on your favorite artwork to decorative table lamps that function as a work of art on their own. It’s also common to have accent lighting on shelves and in cabinets with glass doors to highlight your decorative accessories. Finally, consider what activities you do in a room. If you cook, read, knit or do anything that requires strong light, make sure to include reading lamps, desk lamps or other task lighting to shine a bright light on your workspace.

Explore Our lighting Collection
We have an extensive collection of lamps to choose from so you can create just the right mood and look in any room of your house. Use our handy search filters to find lamps according to their color or function to narrow the field. Whether you’re looking for on−trend metallic finishes or a bold accent color, we have hundreds of choices, including the following:

Table Lamps: Classic lamps for console and side tables come in a range of colors and materials. Their interesting bases add an element of style to living rooms while smaller versions are perfect for bedside tables and desks.
Floor Lamps: Floor lamps are the perfect way to give your room’s general lighting a boost when ceiling light fixtures aren’t enough. Torchieres aim light at the ceiling while other floor lamps focus light downward for reading.
Chandeliers: Multifaceted chandeliers add sparkle and a touch of luxury to your home. Though most commonly hung over a dining table, they can also add elegance to a hall, bedroom or even a bathroom retreat.
Pendants: Pendant lighting hangs from the ceiling and provides pools of light on a single surface. They're great for task lighting over work tables and kitchen islands.

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