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Floor Lamps

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Floor Lamps

A floor lamp is a classic way to light any space, from a public office to a private bedroom. They are convenient because they shine light from above, and often offer different settings for brightness. With so many options and styles available for floor lamps, there is one out there that will be perfect for your space.

Floor Lamp Style Options
You can get a floor lamp that stands up straight and tall or one that bends like an arc to provide you with a great reading light. Some are on pedestals, while others are on tripods or four legs. They are available with lamp shades of different colors and styles from many eras. Find a mid-century modern lamp, an art deco floor lamp or an industrial style lamp that brings urban flair to your space.

Multiple Lamp Heads
Many floor lamps have a single bulb to light a space, but there are quite a few that have two or more lights to add some style and flair to a room. This can also add more lighting options because you can often turn on just one or multiple lamp heads depending on your desire.

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