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Wood And Stone Side Table

Wood And Stone Side Table

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Coffee Tables

A living room essential, a good coffee table will feel warm and familiar – and transform any space with refreshing elegance.

Which Coffee Table Is Best For Your Space? When choosing the best coffee table for your space, consider the other pieces in your room: are they dark or light? Simple or embellished? Shiny or distressed? Choose a coffee table that complements your existing décor – or start with a coffee table you love and pick out other pieces to match it! – to create a cohesive aesthetic.

Coffee Table Decor You have just bought your brand new coffee table and pushed it in front of your living room sofa. Now, it is time to style it! Look for bold centerpieces and chic decorative accents to bring your new coffee table to life – and make it yours.

If you find that you want to style more decorative accents than your coffee table provides the surface space for, or if you simply want to step away from the traditional living room layout, then don’t be afraid to go the unconventional route by placing two coffee tables side by side! For clean symmetry, stick to two of the same designs, or pair contrasting colors and silhouettes for an eclectic flair. You can even consider tiered layers – in which a shorter coffee table or cocktail table is placed under (and slightly to the side of) a taller coffee table!

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