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Buffet Tables and Console

Whether your dining room is the site of frequent lavish dinner parties or sometimes-chaotic family dinners, it’s a room that can always benefit from a little extra storage. buffet and consoles are the perfect pieces in which to store your cutlery, dinnerware, fine wines, table linens and more.

Consoles and buffet tables are especially useful, because not only can you store items inside, you can place objects on top. From tricky treats for your next Halloween party to scented candles for your girl’s night in to elaborate gifts for the birthday celebrant, buffet and consoles are versatile, functional surfaces. These fine furnishings are the ultimate in multifunctional home décor!

Consoles, buffet and servers aren’t new entries into the furniture arena. These furnishings date back to the 16th century −− when dining tables were often called "boards" −− because they comprised long wooden boards resting atop bases. Before a meal was served, the board was placed atop the bases. When the meal was finished, the board and bases were moved away to make room. European homes had permanent "boards" in their dining rooms on which food and dishes were placed before and after the meal. These were called "consoles."

The earliest consoles, buffets tables and servers existed entirely for function. In fact, they were simple tables and didn’t include interior shelving. Over time, they evolved to include shelving, doors, drawers and even mirrors. Today, these furnishings are sought after as much for their beauty as they are for the versatile storage options they provide.

Whether your décor skews toward the modern and industrial or the traditional and rustic, have fun perusing our extensive selection of buffet and consoles. You’re sure to find multiple options to complement your home's unique style and color scheme. You’ll also find pieces crafted from a range of woods, including pine, acacia, oak, walnut, mango, elm, reclaimed wood (natural and whitewash) and more. Your biggest dilemma will be narrowing down your favorites!

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