Has the boho lux interior style caught your eye? It's the decor equivalent of an effortlessly chic messy bun. It's the casual glam of homewares. This homely but glamorous style has been taking the interior world by storm for the last couple of years. If you're the type of person who likes things luxurious but not too refined, it's a trend that probably has you fizzing with excitement. But what do boho lux interiors say about you and the way you choose to style your home? Is it the right choice to give off the message you want about who you are? And if it is, how do you make sure you're getting it right?

I'm Eclectic and Bohemian

If you want your interiors to say something about you, boho lux style homewares will do that. The first thing they're going to say to anyone who visits your home is that you dare to be different. You won't settle for the same old mass-produced items as everyone else. You want a home that says you're worldly, eclectic and have some of that bohemian fire in you. Bohemianism is about being unconventional and off the wall. You don't follow anyone's rules. So the important thing is to find your own style even within this popular trend. You should look for unique pieces, like our Rustic Meets Eastern Antique Table. It features a different piece of fabric in every handcrafted item.

I Like Things Natural

Boho interior lovers go for something that hasn't been refined too much. A lot of love and skill has gone into crafting all their pieces, but nothing has lost its personality. One of the fantastic things that the boho luxe style can say about you is that you prefer a natural aesthetic. You like the bare wood and the rustic patterns of handmade products. You have a deep appreciation for nature and the way we use its resources. If you want to show off this side of you, using natural wood is one of the easiest ways to do it. Our Mango Wood Queen Headboard shows just how much impact you can make with a piece of timber. You can also find pieces that use bamboo or rattan for that rustic feel.

I Still Have High Standards

You might like things a little rustic, but that doesn't mean being glamorous is out of the picture. The boho lux style is all about combining the natural and eclectic with the luxurious and modern. Filling your home with boho finds doesn't have to result in a messy and disorganised look. To get the right feel, you have to know how to keep it toned done for just the right amount of refinement. The balance between boho and lux is a difficult one to strike. Each item in the room should be carefully chosen. Don't just throw together any similar pieces that might match. Combining rustic pieces with more modern ones helps to get that balance right.

I'm Eco-friendly

Eco-warriors represent! If being green is your thing, the boho lux style is perfect for you. It puts ethical and eco-friendly homewares at the forefront of its design. We have a range of products made with recycled wood, fabric and other materials from which to choose. Check out our Stunning Recycled Wood and Fabric Side Table for just one example. Each product is unique, made with reused sari silk and distressed wood. Of course, nothing is labelled with a sticker that says "I'm recycled", but they may as well be. With boho lux style homewares, you don't have to buy into the mass-produced market.

I Love a Good Pattern

Anyone who's not afraid of a pattern and using lots of textures should like getting boho lux. There's a strong emphasis using patterns from all over the world to create a colourful and natural feel. Our products feature the likes of recycled sari silk from India. You can choose from Aztec-style designs too. But how can you use patterns to complement and not overwhelm your preferred style? The trick is to avoid using too many different colours and patterns. Pick out a colour or pattern to focus on as an accent for your central look. If you choose our Intriguing Moroccan Cement Planter, you could include other orange accents. You might decide to have one piece that's very bright with a striking pattern. But you can tone it down with more neutral choices elsewhere.

But Muted Colours Are Best

Bright and colourful looks incredible. But you should learn to love a neutral colour palette too. The essential thing about boho lux style homewares is not to forget the lux part. If you go overboard with the eclectic, rustic items, it's simply boho. More glamorous interiors need muted shades to help make everything a little more refined. Our selection of baskets is ideal for adding neutral details to any room. The Foldable Grass Baskets in white or black are rustic but smart. And the chevron design Open Bamboo Baskets provide pattern without overwhelming with colour.

I'm Modern and On Trend

Boho interiors might have something of an earthy feel. However, boho lux should have a contemporary element too. Forgetting to include these features is where you could go wrong and throw off your look. Remember to pair your boho pieces with something more chic to lift up your design a little. We love our King Size Linen Bed Head and Light and Fresh Linen Stool. They can add some neutral and luxurious touches to a bedroom or living room. You still want your home to look sophisticated, even if you also want it to be bohemian and eclectic. Your boho lux interiors say that you're not afraid to be different but that you have standards that you have to meet. You need to include modern pieces if you want your home to have a casually glamorous look. Setting the right tone for your boho lux interiors could be a little more complicated than you first think. Keep both the boho and lux elements in mind to strike the right balance. Shop at April & Oak now!