Are you excited to rearrange your garden? A budget garden is not as hard to set up as you’d think. With countless varieties of furniture, planters, and eclectic accents available, you can save big on your garden setup and create an authentic style without breaking the bank.

April & Oak, an Australia-owned retailer with a universal style, offers the best price guarantee and 30-day returns on any items you buy for your garden. Best of all, you can find anything you need to complete your outdoor aesthetic for less than $200! Check out our collection and get ready to steal some vital budget-gardening tips.

The Perfect Accents for Your Garden

The best part of creating a personal garden is the power to set your own aesthetic. Are you entertaining outdoors or setting up a tranquillity garden? Do you plan on tending a small backyard patio or watering planters on your porch? Whatever the purpose of your natural space, you can find a look waiting for you to discover it.

For an earthy look, you can’t go wrong with a piece from our aluminium collection, like this Handled Serving Bowl for your patio table. A pair of Cut Iron Side Tables will bring an airy feel to your garden space, especially one centred on a metallic chic. If your taste is extra modern, try out an Indoor/Outdoor Zig Zag rug to bring your black and white colours to the forefront.

Create a Meditative Space

Many gardens benefit from an enforced sense of tranquillity and calm. While a meditative style isn’t suited to every taste, it certainly provides a peaceful space to which to retreat whenever you’re feeling stressed or run down. Whether you have a tiny outdoor area or acres of walled garden, you have the means to make this vision come true.

The best place to start is by looking for suitable accents and setting a calming atmosphere. April & Oak’s meditative sculpture collection includes statues of the Buddha made from traditional materials like terracotta and Bali wood, suitable for any style sensibility. Our Xavier Vintage Gardenia Candles add an aromatic element to your spiritual getaway, adding ambience and creating the perfect centrepiece.

Natural-Looking Planters

For a retreat into the beauty of nature, items that seem to have grown from the earth itself add a sense of sustainability and oneness to your garden. Naturalistic pots and planters weave the outdoors together with the indoors and help pull any garden project together, no matter the size or scale.

To achieve this look, check out our Fibreglass Stone Planters for an earthy, contemporary vibe, or consider a “rough-hewn” look with a Paulownia Wood Planter for your medium-sized trees. Aluminium Planter Pots in both graphite and gold colours add a more mystical vibe for those seeking a balance between nature and civilization.

Live Plants or Fake?

The best gardens are often a mix of living and nonliving plants. Since gardens are about both the aesthetic and the calm that comes from maintaining living things, you don’t want to be surrounded by only one or the other. 100% living gardens, especially larger ones, can be overwhelming to maintain, defeating the whole purpose for some!

April & Oak offers multiple authentic-looking Bamboo Trees at 150 cm, 120 cm, and 90 cm heights. A set of three Durie Plants adds a small but attractive quality to any outdoor or indoor accent table. For a taste of Eastern beaches, an Acrea Palm pulls your coastal look together.

No sense of style is out of reach when it comes to building a budget garden. Steal these pieces and more for your personal outdoor collection. Shop online and save at April & Oak!