Today we’re talking stools and side table and the very best and most unique designs that they come in. At April and Oak, we’re constantly on the lookout for inspiration to help up come up with new designs for you. To get inspiration, we like to browse the very best designs on offer. Because we were astounded by some of the stools and side table designs that are out there, we just had to share them. Some of these come from other designers and some come from our own ideas. We don’t normally toot our own horn but sometimes, when the design is right, you just have to. Every day, designers come up with new and improved furniture designs and clever ways of putting a new spin on an old classic. It’s these pieces that act as fantastic inspiration for other designers, helping new ideas to be born. With that in mind, we’ve put together a guide to the eight most stylish stools and stylish side tables. These are the designs that right now, designers are going crazy for.

1. Edelweiss Side Table

A twist on a classic Scandinavian design, the Edelweiss Side Table has been designed in a way that makes it effortlessly stylish. Made to be the perfect side table for a small space, this innovative design can be used in any space. It’s compact design and rounded corners makes it perfect for squeezing into any room. The neutral colour of this design makes it ideal for almost any modern space. From bright and bold rooms to cooler coloured ones. Thanks to its small size and intriguing design, this little table has become a major hit with home decorators.

2. Sloped Seat, Teak Wood Stall

Different to your average stool, this sloped design is perfect for popping besides a breakfast bar. The innovative design - a sloped shape, perfect for periods of long sitting, has been created with both style and comfort in mind. Most stools are flat surfaced, making them uncomfortable for extended periods of sitting. However, this wooden design has been crafted in a way that focuses on comfort. Which is why it’s so popular with interior designers.

3. Edison Side Table

Right now, interior designers are going crazy over this understated side table. Made up of a minimalist design but with maximum style to it, this table is all about the elegance. Featuring a beautiful mid-century shape with smooth, smart wooden legs, this side table is a piece straight out of the 1950’s. Thanks to its compact size, this small table is perfect for fitting in all the smallest nooks. Ideal for popping beside the sofa as a coffee table or in the bathroom to pop a plant on, this is a beautiful design piece.

4. Recycled Timber Merges With Kantha

This stunning stall deserves centre stage in any living room, it’s truly beautiful. The brightness that comes with this creation makes it perfect for a space that’s made up of neutral tones but is in need of a subtle burst of colour. Inspired by Indian and Bangladeshi designs, this stool is a beautiful piece and one that is incredibly popular right now. Sat atop a timber base, the bright, patterned cushion gives this stall a touch of authenticity as well as comfort. The beautiful pattern incorporated into this design is what has made it a major home decor must-have. The great thing about these stools is that every Kantha design is unique. This means that every stool comes with a slightly different colour scheme and pattern.

5. Lozano Side Table

Designed with the modern home in mind, the Lozano Side Table is the perfect piece for any contemporary home. The simple yet unique design of the Lozano Side Table, that can also be used as a stool, make it perfect for any home. It’s authentic wooden design, crafted from Mango wood, means that it works well with any colour scheme.

6. Golden Antique Iron Stool Set

This beautiful stool set, made up of two antique inspired metal stool designs is perfect for a home that focuses on industrial style. Created with a range of beautiful patterns running across them, these stools are wonderfully feminine. Not only can they be used for sitting on, but also for putting on top of a small wooden table to create a layered effect. Due to how pretty and elegant these stools are, interior designers are going crazy for them.

7. Industrial Style, Slim Side Table

One of the best ways to create a sense of timeless glamour is by investing in industrial pieces like the Industrial Style, Slim Side Table. Complete with a simple tripod base, a metal body and a cog-inspired top, this table is perfect for using as a focal point. The great thing about this table design is that because of how small and sleek it is, it fits well in small rooms. Right now, industrial elegance is in, which is why designers are going mad for this piece.

8. Brookes Oak Stool, Tweed Fabric

There are plenty of stylish stools to choose from, but this has to be one of the most elegant. Thanks to its classic and timeless design, the Brookes Oak Stool in Tweed Fabric is an incredibly popular stool choice. The great thing about these stools is that unlike most other designs, it has a back to it. This means that it's more comfortable to sit on than a regular stool, as it has padded back support. Plus, the neutral colour of the material used, makes it suitable for almost any space, which is a major selling point. This design is elegant and classy, making it perfect for luxurious spaces. There are lots of stylish stools and stylish side tables to choose from, but the ones that are most popular are those mentioned above. When it comes to picking a stool or side table it's all about selecting one that's unique and innovative. Which is why designers are going crazy for the designs mentioned above, right now. Shop at April & Oak now!