African style is bold, full of personality and brings a real sense of adventure into your home. The escapism it can bring to a home is unparalleled. So it's no surprise that it has become so popular. With colourful patterns, intricate woodwork and an emphasis on nature it can work with any number of interior styles and rooms. So to create your own safari space or just bring some colour and personality back into your home here are the top 10 African style homewares you need.

1. Animal print rug

Africa is well known for being home to thousands of animals with beautiful and eye-catching markings. So it's not surprising that an animal print rug is the first item you must have. With so many different markings to choose from, you're spoilt for choice. While monochromatic zebra stripes are always popular, cowhide rugs are often a more timeless option. The different tones of tan, creams and blacks make for an impressive centrepiece in a bedroom, passageway or dining room.

2. Gold ceramic vase

Gold is a colour that is often symbolic of wealth and achievement. So the people of African will fill their homes with gold to encourage prosperity into their lives. Look for gold vases that have unique shapes and feature embellishments such as hammered dimples. Display these on their own to showcase a bouquet of flowers or in a cluster for a unique table display. Their gold colouring will catch and reflect the light, making them hard to miss when you enter the room.

3. African tribal masks

You can't successfully create a home inspired by Africa without the use of African tribal masks. These masks often depict the characters from myths and legends and bring a unique talking point to any room. Choose a free wall in your dining room or going up the stairs, where you can display one or a collection of masks for real impact. Make the masks stand out more and highlight their intricate detailing by using a white or neutral coloured backdrop. That way there is no risk of them fading into the background.

4. Cowhide throw pillows

As an addition to an animal print rug, cowhide throw pillows are another African style homeware item you need. They bring a stylish and luxurious element to a sofa or armchair, while also providing colour and texture. There are items that again, are unlikely to look old-fashioned or out of date. Making them a versatile and attractive accent to your living room or study. Try out different sizes and shapes to create a cosy and comfortable atmosphere in the rooms you use the most.

5. Wooden animal bookends

Africa homewares often include wooden carvings that are inspired by their iconic wildlife. These detailed sculptures show you the craftsmanship that the African people have been able to develop. Wooden animal bookends are a quirky and fun addition that you can easily place onto a bookshelf or desk in your home. Not only will they keep your home tidy, but they will also bring a smile every time you see it. It pays a wonderful tribute to the animals and makes your home feel elegant and sophisticated.

6. African painting

African paintings are bold, colourful and striking. Making them, another must have for your home. These often depict rural life, African cultures and landscapes. White wash your walls and use an African painting to add colour and excitement to the space. Their vibrant use of colour on large canvases means you won't need any detailed wallpaper or background colour to enhance them. Even simple traditional markings can create a brilliant focus wall in your home. Place above your bed or mantle piece and get transported to the African plains in not time.

7. Leather chair

Sumptuous leather chairs are the ideal furniture items for you to create the African inspired room of your dreams. Their colours and natural textures work well against the cowhide cushions and brightly coloured artworks. Choose in earthy colours such as chocolate browns and look for styles that also have carved wooden legs. These leather chairs are classic and will always look luxurious no matter how you choose to decorate. Leather is also in keeping with the natural resources that is highly used in African style homewares.

8. Drinks cabinet

In the early 20th century, Africa was an exotic place that only the rich could travel to. It was considered a glamorous destination to visit filled with beautiful weather and stunning views. So to bring some of this luxury travel into your own home, you need a drinks cabinet. These can be kept in the corner of a study, dining room or kitchen and wheeled out when needed. It's a safe place where you can store alcohol and glasses, which brings that nostalgic feeling every time it is opened.

9. Woven baskets

African style woven baskets are a colourful and functional must-have item. The woven strands give a nod to the African's fantastic use of natural materials and resources. While also providing you with a sturdy, brightly coloured storage solution. You can use them for all manner of things from magazine holders, fruit baskets and even as a wall ornament.

10. Printed blankets

African prints are some of the most iconic in the world. So it's only right that you include them in your decor. They come in a variety of colour ways and patterns, so choose something that complements your personal tastes. You could go for a multicoloured design or something far more simple. Place these blankets at the end of your bed, throw them over your sofa or use them to decorate your tables. Whether you choose to include a few or all of these items, your home will be filled with charm and show off your love of the African style. It's such as versatile trend which can transform your home almost immediately. It may even inspire you enough to take a trip to Africa for further inspiration. So use this list and create your own piece of Africa at home today! Shop at April & Oak now!