Allow your home to make the best first impression possible by learning how to style your entryway! Most homeowners find themselves amazed by the sheer number of entryway ideas they can play around with while decorating their homes. Below, discover some of our favourite ways to beautify your foyer and immediately set the tone whenever guests arrive. 

Take It Up a Notch 

Whether your home offers a grand entrance or an unassuming foyer, you can take that empty entryway and transform it by adding an item with a wow factor. Your home represents an extension of yourself. So, why not hang some beautiful wall art that reflects your personality? Place an abstract painting or portrait of your pet to greet visitors as they walk in. Or, add vibrancy, texture, and cosiness to your entryway by placing a quality rug near the doorway.

Easy Find, Freer Mind

Most people tend to forget one thing or the other on the way out of the house. By adding some storage to your entryway, you can free up space elsewhere. Plus, you will always have your everyday belongings at arm’s reach when leaving home. Place a buffet, console, or basket in your entryway to store your most commonly used items. 

Add Some Colour

Spruce up your entryway with bold colours to add a little life to the space. Then, add something neutral like an iron clock, which will stand out against a vibrantly coloured wall. Place a vintage storage bench or chair with cushions or throws to instantly create a place to sit and relax after a hard day’s work.

Mirrors and Light

Create the illusion of space with the use of mirrors and lights. Add a tall wall mirror over a storage console or place a standing mirror to ensure you look your best when you step out of your house. Alternatively, you can place a floor lamp next to a cosy chair and finish it off with a unique, mirrored jewellery hang so you can lessen your burden as soon as you get home.

Do you find yourself wondering what to do with the entryway to your home? No matter how you want your entryway to look, April & Oak will help you create a welcoming ambience.

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