Optimise the limited space of your small balcony or patio by utilising some of our handy exterior design tips! Tiny outdoor areas present a challenge for homeowners who wish to redecorate. Focusing on maximum efficiency will help you create a welcome refuge in even the smallest of spaces. Below, you’ll find our tips on how to style a small outdoor area or balcony.

Make the Rounds

Moving about on a tiny patio or balcony proves difficult, especially if you have multiple guests visiting. Someone will surely bump into a table or chair at some point during the evening. To prevent injury, consider purchasing a circular table and furniture with rounded-off edges. If you own a square table and don’t intend to replace it, try putting it in a corner for optimal space-saving.

Decisions, Decisions…

A small terrace limits your furniture options. You may find yourself able to fit a table with four chairs or a three-person sofa, but not both. In general, we prefer a sizable sofa and small table to a full-size table and cramped seating. Consider mapping out the space you wish to decorate to help you visualise how everything will fit.

Can You Keep a Secret?

When decorating a small balcony or patio, you must make the most of the space available. Always stay on the lookout for ways to create extra storage. Consider purchasing tables and seating that conceal hidden storage areas. Not only do they make things more convenient, but they also serve as conversation pieces.

Go Green!

Most living spaces benefit from a little greenery. Plants make a place feel more healthy and lively. Think about creating a blend of live plants and silk flowers. That way, if your live plants die during a heatwave or while you take the family on vacation, you can still come home to a vibrant, nature-themed retreat.

Private Party

Create a little extra privacy by putting up some curtains or allowing plants to climb some newly installed latticework. Your guests will appreciate the added exclusivity. Also, by covering up the concrete, glass, and steel, you will give your balcony or patio a ‘homier’ feel. 

Built to Last

If you own your own home or don’t mind investing in the property you rent, consider installing some permanent built-in seating. You can try using concrete, wood, or other materials to create long-lasting seating that you don’t have to worry about arranging. Plus, built-in seating eliminates the chances of theft.

Final Flourishes

Allow your small outdoor area or balcony to reflect your personality by adding a few finishing touches. When decorating a small space, you must make sure you do not overcrowd it with knick-knacks and mementos. Some final flourishes that don’t take up much space include:

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