Accentuate the centrepiece of your living room by learning how to style a coffee table. Whether we realise it or not, we look at our coffee tables more than any other item in the room. As such, we should place a significant amount of attention on how we style our coffee tables. Below, discover some of our most helpful tips to help you decorate your coffee table.

Madame Curator

Carefully curate your coffee table to reflect your personality. A coffee table provides an opportunity to share your favourite collection or display your arts and crafts. Gather a few items that all relate to the same motif. Spread out several treasures that all have the same colour. Alternatively, arrange a couple of pieces made from the same material.

The Stacks

Books may represent the most common form of coffee table decoration because many homeowners already have their favourite books on hand. When you stack a few books on your coffee table, consider grouping them together by subject matter. Then, find an intriguing knick-knack that ties in with your books and place it next to the stack.

Green Is Gold

In many ways, the best pieces of art and most expensive historical artifacts do less for a coffee table than a simple house plant would. Nothing adds an air of freshness and a sense of life like a little greenery. If you lack a green thumb, think about placing a few cacti or succulents on your coffee table as a low-maintenance design option.

Tray Bien

Organise some of your coffee table decorations on a tray or in a shallow box. A decorative tray will not only add a little interest to your table but also provide some extra versatility. If you need to create some space on your coffee table to make way for food, beverages, or a board game, you can quickly remove your tray and place it somewhere else.

Level Up

Experienced interior designers understand the importance of levels. Hanging items at different levels can create some added dimension to a room. The same goes for a coffee table. If your coffee table offers underneath storage, utilise it in an artful way. Placing coffee table decorations at various levels allows the eye to go on a slightly longer journey.

Smells Like Style

Think beyond the visual and add some extra sensory elements to your coffee table. Try to find a scented candle that matches your colour palette, or make an artsy potpourri holder the centrepiece of your coffee table. Also, consider mixing up the textures of items that you display to your guests for a multisensory experience.

Bigger Is Better

When it comes to styling a coffee table, bigger is better. Obviously, you will want to keep the size of your display within a reasonable range. The point is that too many little knick-knacks create a cluttered appearance, and the mind can’t process each individual piece. A few large, eye-catching decorations allow the mind to focus, making your living room a more peaceful place.

Practical Jokers

Most interior designers will tell you to store practical items on your coffee table. Examples include the remote control, coasters, and other useful things. Then again, you could just as easily store a bunch of impractical pieces, too. A collection of gag gifts or magic tricks may seem a bit out of sorts but will keep your guests entertained whenever they visit.

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