We all take pride in the way our homes look and feel. So we spend hours searching online and in magazines for inspiration that we can incorporate into each room. All in an attempt to make our homes always look their best. We all get drawn to the images of designer interiors which exude glamour and luxury. But many of us will quickly move on as we don't consider our homes to be grand enough for such elegant decor. However, there is no need for you to feel this way. Giving your home a touch of glamour is easier and more attainable than you think. You just need to know how to achieve it. So here are five simple tricks you can use to add more glamour and luxury to your home, no matter what size it is.

Add Flowers

Displaying large bouquets of beautiful flowers around your home is a quick and easy way to make a room feel more luxurious. When you look at glamourous style homes on blogs and in magazines, you will most almost certainly find a bouquet or two being displayed. This is a very accessible trick that we can all successfully achieve. Try to choose flowers that make a statement. Or they will just fade into the background. Combine brightly coloured flowers with neutrals tones to create a more impressive display. Display them in a gold or taupe statement vase that sticks to the glamorous feel you want to create. Alternatively bouquets displayed in simple glass vases can make just as much of an impact. Place your vase on your coffee table, kitchen worktop or in the centre of your mantle piece so they grab your attention whenever you enter. You can even place them on bathroom vanities and on top of your desk if you wish. Also keep them watered and looking fresh for a more clean and fresh look.

Use Statement lighting

One of the most common things people associate with glamour and luxury is statement lighting. Chandeliers, in particular, can add interest to a room and make it feel more expensive and elegant. Once only seen in the homes of royalty, chandeliers are as popular as ever and far more affordable than you think. You can choose a classic drop crystal style or something far more modern with glass pendants or in contemporary shapes. Also don't just display these in obvious locations such as hallways and living rooms. Hang them above your bath or over the island in your kitchen. This will instantly make the space feel more ornate and chic. For a real touch of glamour go for the biggest size you can find. This will create a more expensive feel and create a unique focal point. Alternatively, you could use smaller sized fitting but repeat it two or three times for a more opulent feel. Also, consider adding in accent lamps for times when you want to create a more atmospheric feel. Try tripod lamps positioned in your reading corner or unusual table lamps on symmetrical side tables.

Be Smart With Mirrors

When you think of glamorous style, mirrors will more than likely always come to mind. They create the illusion of a larger space and boost the amount of natural light you receive. So to add more glamour to your home, adding mirrors is an absolute must. Look for mirrors with intricate frames that you can hang by themselves or in a collection. This will create a gallery style feel to any room and make an attractive focal point. But don't just stop at your walls. Also, consider using mirrored side tables, drinks cabinets and even mirrored trays and trivets for your tables. That way you create a larger and more glamorous feeling space with minimum effort.

Decorate With Candles

Candles are a fantastic functional and decorative item you can add to any room in your home. When lit they can create a soothing ambience and subtle light source that changes the entire feel of your room. When unlit they can create interesting accent pieces that can be displayed almost anywhere. While there is nothing wrong with coloured candles, white will always look more expensive. You can also further their attractiveness by displaying them in candle holders. Glass holders with silver, bronze or gold detailing with give you a modern look while also providing you with protection from the open flame. Smaller tealights often work better in this style of holder. Or you could arrange clusters of tealights and display them inside oval shaped bowls which can then be placed on kitchen tops or in the bathroom. Alternatively you can go for a more traditional style candelabra to hold longer and slimmer candles. This will bring some drama and romance to your vanity or dining room table, and oozes nostalgia and timeless style. Buy multiple candelabras and candle holders for more of an impact and to give you sufficient light for entertaining.

Update and layer your fabrics

Another iconic factor of glamorous style is the layering of materials and fabrics. Furs, velvets and silks are all synonymous with this look. So think about areas in your home that need a fabric update. You could use long jewelled coloured silk curtains or throw a sheepskin rug over your sofa. Layering your different textures can also enhance the luxury feel. You could also reupholster your favourite armchair in a deep coloured velvet that feels soft to the touch. You could also add leather, feather or embroidered silk cushions to your bed and sofa. Experiment with which fabrics work with what until you find the right combination. Also, try different styling ideas such as using a sheepskin rug to adorn your coffee table. Now you know how to decorate your home with a touch of glamour, there should be no reason why you can't start creating today. Keep looking for interior inspiration and never feel like a look or style is out of your reach. Just because glamorous style hints at being expensive and only for the rich and famous, it's easy to introduce it into your home with these tricks. So start living like a movie star and enjoying your far more glamorous surroundings. Shop at April & Oak now!