Enhance the design of your home with the perfect rug! At April & Oak, you can choose from a stunning variety of rugs available in all shapes and sizes. Whether you need an oval, natural jute rug, or an asymmetrical, rustic cowhide rug, you can find it at April & Oak. Below, you can discover some of the different rug shapes that will give your home a fresh look.

Rectangular Rugs

Rectangular rugs look best in living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, and hallways. Before selecting and measuring a rug, you must first visualise how it would look in the room. You can choose from a range of textures, patterns, and colours before you finalise your rectangular rug.

Oval Rugs

If your room does not have much space and you would like to make it appear larger, an oval rug will do the trick. You can also give your room a unique appearance by pairing an oval rug with a rectangular or circular rug with the same pattern. For rooms with an unconventional shape, an oval rug always seems to have a way of fitting in, making it a versatile option.

Circular Rugs

Like oval rugs, round rugs possess the ability to make small spaces look larger than their actual measurements. Use a round rug to highlight fancy flooring by adding texture and vibrancy. You can place a circular rug under your round dining table for a dramatic effect. If the design of your home includes a lot of sharp edges, you can incorporate a round rug to create a little contrast and enhance your home’s décor.

Floor Runners

A hallway can often feel quite empty and boring. Spice up your narrow spaces, hallways, and entryways with floor runners that display subtle geometric designs, bold patterns, bright florals, or zig-zags. Hallway runners accentuate otherwise forgettable areas of a house, highlighting more of your home’s interior.  

Oversized Rugs

Make a statement by choosing an oversized rug for large living spaces, lounges, or seating areas. An extra-large rectangular rug adds warmth to expansive rooms. You can also use an oversized rectangular rug to section off a seating area, creating one or more zones within a single room. 

Large Rugs

Large rugs remain ideal for spaces like a formal dining room or living room. Choose from a wide selection of rug designs, patterns, and textures to add to the aesthetic appeal of your home. Whether a large rug comes in a rectangular, square, or oval shape, it can amplify the style of large furniture pieces and anchor them to the floor.

Small Rugs

Homeowners must choose a rug that fits the area they plan to redesign. A large oval rug or oversized rectangular rug may not provide the desired effect in small spaces. A small rug remains best suited for places like your kid’s bedroom. Alternatively, you can place a small rug under a desk, coffee table, or armchair to create added contrast in the room. 

Layering Different Rug Shapes

Layer an organically shaped cowhide rug on top of an oversized rectangular rug to give your living space an appealing range of textures. Combine round rugs, square rugs, oval rugs, and rectangular rugs to create a patchwork effect. Consider playing around with the colours and patterns of similar rug shapes to create a sense of movement. 

When you shop for rugs at April & Oak, you can be perfectly confident in your purchase with our 30-day return policy and best price guarantee.