The best interior design trends are the ones that aren't just passing fancies. Picking a particular period or theme can help. You can create something that won't fall out of fashion anytime soon. The Moroccan trend has grown in popularity in recent years. And it's the perfect choice if you want a timeless decor scheme. It incorporates traditional Moroccan shapes and colours and gives them a modern twist. With this vibrant style, you won't have to keep changing your interiors to match the trends. Your home will still look radiant in two, five or even ten years' time. If you want to create the perfect Moroccan feel in your home, there are some essential rules you need to follow. Without them, you might as well just be doing your own thing. Moroccan style homewares are ideal for creating a home that's both luxurious and laidback. But you have to commit to the style choices that mark out this glamorous interior design trend. To get the Moroccan look, you should be ready to use a variety of different shapes. You should love the effect of metallics and mirrors in a room. Creating a feeling of warmth with your lighting choices is vital too. You should also aim to cultivate a lounging feel with rugs and textiles.

Play with Interesting Shapes

There's no need to stick to conventional shapes when you're creating a Moroccan home. In fact, it's required that you be willing to experiment. There's no need to stick to plain circles and squares. When it comes to choosing your Moroccan style homewares, you can be more inventive. You'll find so many interesting shapes in different pieces and the patterns within them. Curved domes and pointed spirals create eye-catching features. Embossed and cutout patterns show off triangles, diamonds, crosses and other geometric shapes. Finding unusual pieces is all about exploring different shapes that fit into your theme. Why choose a stool that goes straight up and down when you could incorporate our Eastern Infused Kasbah stool into your decor? Its unique shape begins as a wide seat and curves to a narrow base. It is angular but also softly curved at the same time, with an etched pattern to create a textured piece. You could explore even more unusual shapes in some of our lighting fixtures. For example, our Aluminium Hanging Pendant Lamp is ideal. The traditional shape of the lamp gives a magical feel, with its round body and pointed ends.

Metallics Are Essential

If you're not a fan of using metal in your decor, Moroccan style homewares might not be for you. Using metallics and mirrors is one rule you should be prepared to follow. But don't think that you're limiting yourself by using metallic elements in your design. There are so many different ways you can use a variety of metals. You can balance silver metals like aluminium and steel with the warmer colours of copper and brass. Metals can be utilised for a range of items. They include lighting fixtures, tables and homeware accessories. Using mirrors and metallics helps to bring lots of light into a room and give it a luxurious touch. Our range of metallic items is perfect for adding those dazzling features to any room in your home. Make one of our hanging aluminium lamps the focal point of a room. Or choose some unusual seating with the Farashe Zig Zag Embossed Aluminium Stool. You can accessorize with items like the Eyelet Embossed Aluminium Tray. Place a Stately Pillar Candle Holder or two on top as well. Metal-framed mirrors help to reflect the light in the room, both natural and artificial.

Let There Be Light

Light is an essential element of a stylish Moroccan-themed home. You need plenty of it to create a glowing room full of warmth. Moroccan style homewares are all about making a statement. So your lighting fixtures and accessories should do just that. You only need to look at Moroccan decor for inspiration to see that lighting is often at the centre of the design. From hanging lampshades to lanterns and candle holders, lighting the room in a variety of ways creates an atmospheric space. It's not just the light itself but the method of delivery that's important too. There are so many ways you can play with light in your Moroccan home. One a smaller scale, start with candles and unique holders for them. Try the curved shapes of our Iron Votive and Point Iron Votive. Their colourful interiors reflect the flicker of a candle perfectly. Make a feature of some larger candles with the lanterns in our product range. For example, the African Influenced Lighting will look great indoors or outside. Or put all the focus on your ceilings with a hanging light. If you have a flair for the dramatic, you'll love the Dazzling Aluminium Hanging Lamp.

Soften with Rugs and Textiles

Moroccan style homewares can overwhelm with opulence if you aren't careful. One of the best things about the trend is its elegance and sophistication. However, comfort is important too. You should also feel like you should be able to sit back and relax, as if you're in a luxurious room for royalty to lounge around in. You can choose warm textiles to use on your furniture or as accessories like curtains and rugs. Use your choices to add to the textures and patterns you use in other elements of your decor. It's your chance to add some colour and warmth to the room for a softer look. Get started with adding some textiles by using some of our patterned rugs. They look incredible on a tiled floor, which is another marker of Moroccan design. For a contemporary feel, go for the Viscose and Cotton Rug in Modern and City Blue. The Perfectly Patterned Grey Kids Rug is just what you need to create a cosy feel in any room of your home. The delicate pattern and neutral shade give a contemporary and yet homely feeling. Follow these fundamental rules if you want to perfect the Moroccan trend at home. You will soon develop an intuition for picking the best features to suit your design. Shop at April & Oak now!