The industrial style trend is highly popular as it brings a minimal but rustic charm to a home. Exposed bricks, weathered wood and recycled furniture are just some of the elements you can use to create this industrial look. Think of old warehouses, factories and barns and you should get an idea of the feel you're trying to create. This style often works best in large open plan homes. But even if you live in small apartment, you can just as easily inject some industrial style into your interiors. As this trend has grown in popularity, there are more industrial style homewares than ever before. But this can make it difficult to know what will work and what won't. So to make sure you get this look right, use this cheat sheet to help you.

Get your lighting right

Industrial lighting is simple, worn and practical. It's fit for purpose with often minimal detailing. Sturdy frames and shades associated with this trend are often made from metals in black, bronze and copper colours. So don't expect to find anything overly embellished or detailed when shopping for this trend. Another important element to this trend is the idea of recycling and reusing. Mason jar hanging lights provide a fun and retro feel that would look perfect in a kitchen or bathroom. This unique style of light can be displayed together. This will create a chandelier style light fitting that will bring both personality and charm. You can also positions these individually and gain just as much impact. Also, consider adjustable floor lamps. They will bring function to areas of your home that could benefit from an additional light source. Again look for in industrial metal colours to help them tie in with the rest of your room.

Use suitable storage

Storage is an essential part of any room to keep it organised and to maximise the space. As with the lights, industrial storage is both functional and minimal. So metal cabinets with clean lines and drawers would make a fantastic stand alone piece in any room. Try to choose one that looks worn and not brand new to emphasises the recycled element of this trend. Also, look for ones that have old fashioned handles and knobs that provide a unique quality. Leather storage units with detailed edges and weathered wood bookcases are another ideal option you could use. Another fantastic storage solution would be wooden crates and wire and mesh baskets. The boxes can be stacked up in the corner of a room and hold magazines and newspapers. Whereas the wire baskets will make a brilliant addition to shelving units and inside cabinets in your kitchen and dining room. They can hold absolutely anything from food products to clothing. These storage items will help you achieve that factory feel so you need to make sure you get them right.

Recycled wood furniture

Recycled and distressed looking wood always works well with this trend. As well as for storage you can also use it with your furniture and accessories. Wooden stools, benches and bookcases all work well with this trend. But as will most things industrial they need to look like that have been used before. Using brand new pieces that look new defeats the object of this trend and will prevent you from achieving it successfully. Thick pieces of wood, unsmooth surfaces and wheels on the legs are all things you should be looking out for. Also, look for items that combine recycled wood with other materials. Wooden cabinets with mesh or wooden trolleys with metal wheels are perfect examples. Look for slight rusting on metal fixures that might be fitted to these wooden items. You may not think that sounds appealing but it will actually add to the look you are creating.

Use old pipe work

Many old warehouses and factories would not bother covering up their pipe work, so if there was a problem, it would be easy to take care of. Many designers have been inspired by these raw and open pieces and have found new uses for them. So to stay in keeping with this theme, you can use exposed pipes but in a different way. You could use multiple pieces to create a shelving unit to store your belonging in or use a single one for a coat hook. You could even find an old piece of wood and some pipes from a scrap yard to create your own desk or foyer table. Failing that you could just look for industrial units and chairs that have a similar look and feel to old factory pipes.

Decorate your walls

Just because the industrial trend is all about minimalist style, that doesn't mean you cannot decorate your walls. Travel and industry go hand in hand. So why not use a vintage style map in a wooden or metal frame to create an attractive focal point in your study or living room. You could also look into aeroplane and car blue prints and schematics for a more unique feature on your walls. These combined with the maps will also look good when grouped together to create a feel of adventure within your rooms. You could use wooden items such as old oars and clocks to create some interest above your cooker or computer area. Rusty old cogs, anchors and pieces of machinery could also create an interesting decoration for the walls of your home. The rust will also bring some much-needed colours such as oranges, reds and browns into the space. Ships wheels and looped pieces of rope can also fill walls that are in need of filling up and also look good on exposed brick walls. With this cheat sheet to help you, there is no reason why you can't create an industrial vibe no matter what size home you have. The key is getting the finer details right and using them to tie the room together. To find out about other industrial details you might like, why not visit some old factories for some further inspiration. Shop at April & Oak now!