You've decided that you'd like to add a little extra luxury to your home but you're not too sure how to go about it. You've been browsing all of your favourite home decor inspiration sites and blogs but you still can't seem to find a luxe look that appeals to you. Sometimes, when it comes to home decor, it can be hard to put your finger on exactly, what it is that you want. There's the perfect home style out there; it's just that you haven't found it yet. Not knowing how you want to makeover your home can be upsetting and frustrating. Especially, when you aren't happy with the current design and style of your home. To help you create your dream home, we've done a little research. This has allowed up to come up with a decor idea that, if you love luxury and elegant beauty, is sure to appeal to you. If there's one style of decor that is perfect for designing a beautiful, stylish home, it's French-inspired decor. There's something wonderfully simple and chic about French-inspired home design. This is what makes it the perfect style for using in almost any space. To give you a few ideas for the best ways to create a French-inspired home, we've put together a few ideas. Hopefully, these will help you to create the most beautiful home with an elegant French feel to it.

1. Keep the colours cool

Think French country cottages dressed in cool, neutral colours. The easiest way to give a space a certain vibe is by adopting the colours most commonly used in that design style. French decor tends to lean mostly towards cool, calm, natural tones - you won't find any bright or bold designs here. So it's best to keep the colours that you opt for in keeping with those tones. With that in mind, to give your home a French-feel, it's essential that you opt only for French style homewares in neutral colours. For a living room design, choosing to invest in a Elegant Oakwood Button Detailed Dining Chair is perfect. Not only is the colour cool but the design is also beautifully elegant. This makes it the perfect piece for adding luxury and glamour to any space.

2. Make elegance the focal point

French decor is all about sophistication and luxury. That's why elegance should always be the focal point of a French-inspired space. Every room needs a focal point - a piece of homeware to design the rest of the space around. For a room that's chic and stylish, the perfect piece is something that is neutral but also stands out. How about adding a “Kensington Station London” clock to a space to use as a focal point? Or what about treating yourself to a Striking and Stunning Candle Holder that screams chic elegance?

3. Concentrate on the small details

When it comes to home decor, we often sidestep the small details. However, we shouldn't do, especially when designing a beautiful French-inspired home. One of the easiest ways to give your home an authentic French feel is by taking the time to incorporate small details. When it comes to home design, often it's the small details that make all the difference. Little things like adding a Charming Glass Jar on Metal Base, can have a big impact on the look and feel of the space. By selecting French style homewares that are chic and elegant, you can ensure that each area in your home has the desired vibe.

4. Add luxury with pattern

While the main features of a French-inspired space should be made up of neutral tones, a little colour can be added via pattern. One of the best ways to add luxury to an elegant space is by opting to invest in patterned French style homewares. It's features like a Gold and Mirror tray that will give your home that beautiful luxury look that French decor is famous for.

5. Opt for chic, feminine pieces

To give your home that beautiful, chic vibe, incorporating feminine homewares is crucial. Ask any interior designer the best way to create a beautiful home with a French vibe, and they'll tell you to focus on feminine features. Add a Luxurious Metal and Glass Butler's Tray table to your lounge to give the space an air of French femininity and elegance. Another way to add a touch of femininity to your home is by investing in a rustic-inspired piece. For examples, the French Provincial Antique White Side Table is perfect for adding a feminine touch.

6. Be selective about your lighting

When it comes to lighting, many of us make the mistake of not being selective enough. Just like larger pieces of furniture are important to get right when it comes to French-inspired home design, so is the lighting. Instead of going for any old light design, think about the style of the space. For example, pendant lights, such as a White Wooden Drum Pendant Light fit nicely with French industrial style. These types of designs work well in minimalist spaces that are focused on simple French style. Instead of pretty, feminine spaces.

7. Give your home a country vibe

Use inspiration to look for the easy ways to incorporate homewares to create a chic, country vibe. If you love the look of those cute cottages that the French countryside is renowned for, giving your home a country vibe. It's just a case of choosing the most suitable French style homewares to pull the space together. For an authentic country feel, items like the Ball Design Cement Candle Holder With Glass Insert, are perfect. It's just a case of being choosy about the homewares that you opt to include in the design of each room. It's best to steer clear of bright, bold designs and instead, opt for homeware that is chic, simple and elegant. There you have it, a guide to the best seven ways to incorporate homewares into your house for a beautiful French vibe. Hopefully, the tips and ideas above will help you to create the home that you've been dreaming of. Shop at April & Oak now!