Bring the outdoors inside has always been an appealing and inspirational idea to designers and homeowners alike. It's made an enormous impact on the way we style and decorate our homes in recent years and it's a trend that is not going anywhere anytime soon. Which is easy to see why. It brings a sense of calm and tranquility to a home while also being simple and not overly extravagant. It’s also very versatile and can enhance a room of any type and size. This trend encompasses renewable resources and materials. So things such as wood, woven textiles and leathers are often seen in natural style homewares. To create your own retreat inspired by nature, you need some much-needed inspiration. Otherwise, you may find your home looking more outside than in. To give you some indication of what you can incorporate, use these styling ideas for a natural setting.

Use Recycled wood

Wood is something that always appears in home interiors in some way. But instead of smooth, flawless pieces of wood, you need to use wooden furniture and accessories that look more rustic. You want these pieces to look like they have been weather beaten over a long period of time and not brand new. Ideally, it should look as though it has been changed from it’s original form to create something new. Hence the recycled aspect. This will bring more charm and personality to items such as dining room chairs and television units. You can also find recycled wood photo frames and wall art. Choosing this distressed feel instead of a shiny brand new one, can make your room feel instantly more naturally inspired.

Choose natural fabrics

You will never be able to achieve a beautiful natural setting if you don’t use the right materials. To create this look, you need to avoid anything synthetic and use natural fabrics such as cotton, linens and silks. These are all synonymous of this trend and can work effectively in a number of homewares. Linen, for instance, can be used for headboards and footstools. Lightweight silks and hemp make fantastic drapes and fabric such as cashmere is ideal for blankets and pillows. Try to choose these fabrics in earthy tones such as stone greys and olive greens to continue the natural theme you want to create. Also experiment with combining textures like distressed leather sofas with oversized knitted blankets.

Enhance your natural light

Not only can natural light make your home feel lighter and brighter, it is also good for your health and wellbeing. So when styling each room in your home, always ensure that enough natural light is able to get in. Artificial light can be harsh and make a room look unappealing. So remove all items from your window sills and use light and neutral coloured blinds and curtains. Buy these in a cotton or linen to enhance your natural theme further. Doing this will maximise the space in front of your windows and allow more light to enter your home. There is no easier way of making your home feel more open and relaxing.

Flowers add a splash of colour

Nothing says nature more than flowers do. So it’s essential they make an appearance when styling your home. But remember that you don’t want your home to look like a greenhouse. Even the simplest of floral displays can make an impact and less is often more. Choose simple neutral coloured vases that will complement the rest of your decor. That way you can display them in any part of your home without too much difficult. Place wildflowers into the vases to bring a pop of colour while also giving the impression you’ve picked them from a local field. You could also use grass and long thin leaves. You can then use these to create colourful eye catching displays in the middle of your tables and on your front foyer table. This will also fill your home with a purely natural smell that cannot possibly be replicated.

Introduce rattan into your home

Rattan has been used to make garden furniture for decades as it is durable and comfortable to sit on. As it it traditionally made from the stems of tropical palms, it’s another example of a natural resource. This is why it has become a much sought after item to use for a naturally inspired home. You can find rattan furniture such as coffee tables and lounge chairs which you can display in a living room or conservatory. You can also decorate with rattan accent pieces such as mirrors and lampshades. Whitewash Rattan creates a clean and fresh look whereas untouched rattan keeps the items true colours alive. Either will work well but if you feel more colour is needed, decorate your rattan furniture with contrasting pillows and throws.

Use nature as art

Instead of leaving your walls bare, use some nature inspired artwork to bring your rooms to life. Use wooden frames to display sunbeam and coral reef collages on your walls. Or to bring some colour and sophistication you could use natural motifs of birds, sealife and flowers on art prints and pillows. Taxidermy antlers and simple drawings of insects can also bring some rustic appeal to your space. If you have collected shells and driftwood from your travels, have these displayed around each room. A large shell places on top of a mantle piece or coffee table acts as a sculpture that is bound to make you feel like you’re at the beach every day. You can also use glass bowls and cylindrical candle holders to create a small display of pebbles, rocks and shells. With these styling ideas, you should have no trouble creating your own nature inspired haven. Remember that less is always more. Unlike many other interior styles, this trend doesn’t need to be too over the top to execute successfully. Make sure every item you choose resonates with your own personal style and tastes so you feel more connected to nature and live a more organic life. Shop at April & Oak now!