If you're looking for a quirky interior trend to get on board with, the sunset glow style could be just right for you. This eclectic style is a unique combination of old and new that aims to create a warm and homely feel. Its focus on rustic furniture and edgy modern pieces is the ideal style to bring light into your home. You could think of it as an update on the interior trends of the 1970s. It can look beautiful in your living room. It's the ideal place to create a relaxing space to spend some time alone or with friends. Get the look for yourself by using these valuable nuggets of knowledge.

Create Warmth with Dark Woods

Distressed wood is one of the key features of the sunset glow look. For this eclectic style, you need to look at natural wood furnishings and accessories. But crucially, you are better off choosing darker woods to fit in with your scheme. Dark woods help to get you that warm ambience that you're looking for. They will give out a homely feel that envelopes your living room. Start with exploring options for chairs and tables that will form key pieces for your room. April & Oak's Urban Inspired Side-cupboard is a fantastic focal piece for any living room and it has that '70s feel. Check out the legs on our Soft Leather Stool with Rustic Charm. Or add an Industrially Chic Coffee Table to the centre of the room. Select pieces with distressed wood that have a recycled look and feel to them.

Learn to Love Orange

If you're looking for a sunset glow, you should experiment with a love of orange. It can often be a colour that turns people off, but there's a huge range of shades to explore. You can find eclectic style homewares in lots of different orange colours. They range from copper to terracotta and amber. The reason you should look to orange is that it gives you that warm glow you need for this interior style. Make a statement with our Bold and Vintage Ceiling Light in a deep amber. Or be a little more subtle with our Aztec Infused Cement Planter. Adding orange to your decor bestows a burnt glow to your interiors. It's also often the primary source of colour against a lot of brown, beige and other neutral shades. Orange helps to bring in the sunset feel to your eclectic living room. You don't need to go overboard, though. Just use it as an accent to complement the room.

Leather Upholstery

When it comes to fabrics, leather has to be the one that you plump for. If you don't use leather, you can always seek out vegan leather options too. You will find so many eclectic style homewares upholstered in beautiful brown leather. These items are perfect for using in your sunset glow living room. Start with chairs and sofas to create comfortable seating you can't wait to lounge on. Our Leather and Canvas Occasional Chair is an excellent option if you want to start setting up a relaxing space. Add some other leather accessories too. For example, there's the Chelsea Leather Pouffe or Manhattan Square Leather Ottoman. You have lots of shades to choose from so you don't have to stick to dark brown leather. Mix it up and match it with your chosen wood pieces too.

Love Those Warm Copper and Brass Items

Copper and brass and both big at the moment, and they're used in a number of interior trends. As well as finding them in Scandi-chic and British vintage styles, they fit in nicely with sunset glow eclectic style homewares. Their orange colours work well with the warm and homely theme of the trend. You can use them for a range of accessories, from lighting fixtures to vases and even home appliances. The Vintage Copper Dome Pendant Light in our collection is great as a starting point for adding copper elements to your living room. Combine them with your use of orange so that you don't overwhelm the room with too much or the same colour.

Leave Your Lights Exposed

Creating a rustic and maybe slightly industrial feel enhances your sunset glow style. It should be vintage and homely. But using chic modern finds is also a significant part of successfully using this style. Leaving lightbulbs exposed is a clever way to get this modern and industrial feel in your living room. One of the best ways to do that is with a ceiling light that doesn't shade the bulb. Look at our Rustic Infused Modern Ceiling Light for an example of what you can do. You can get this style of light made from rope or metal. You can also use an even more stripped down option, like the Rustic Wood and Hemp Rope Ceiling Light. Do the same thing with other lights too, including table lamps and even lanterns for candles. When you choose your lightbulbs, select something warm and on the orange end of the spectrum.

Combine Modernity with Weathered Vintage

Sunset glow eclectic style homewares aren't all about being vintage and rustic. You have to make sure you get the modern elements in too. Without them, you could end up having an old-fashioned living room that misses the mark. Aim to combine your weathered wood and leather furniture with striking modern pieces. Edgy accessories such as the Teardrop Dimple Vase give the rustic vintage theme a lift. They add something extra to the other colours and textures to make it more exciting. Items like the Retro Mason Jar Hanging Lamp are both reminiscent of a bygone era and sharply on trend too. But nothing you use in your living room has to be both at the same time. You can combine something with a purely vintage feel with something else that's ultra-modern. If you want a homely living room full of warmth and light, the sunset glow trend will deliver it. Now you have its key themes on lockdown, you can go ahead and implement them in your own home. Shop at April & Oak now!