You have a beautiful home but you just don't love it. It's painted beautifully, has stylish features and is neat and tidy but there just seems to be something missing. Because of this, you're not keen on inviting guests over. This is because you don't feel comfortable with the space. Your home should be a place that you're proud of and love spending time in. It should be somewhere that you are happy to invite friends and family to, not a place that you're uncomfortable showing off to others. If you're not a fan of your home but can't put your finger on why it's probably missing a couple of key features. If it's a space that's well looked after, prettily decorated and visually appealing, however, it just doesn't wow you. The chances are it's in need of a couple of new pieces of furniture. To help you create a beautiful home that you love showing off to your friends, we've put together a guide to six rustic style ideas to implement. The great thing about rustic style pieces is that often because they're neutral coloured, they work well in any space. So regardless of the style of your home, these style ideas should work wonders.

1. Invest in additional seating

Rule number one for charming your guests with your home design is ensure that you have adequate seating. There's nothing worse than inviting people over to your home, only to find that you can't accommodate them. The best way to ensure that you have enough seating to keep everyone comfortable is to dot extra stalls around. There are some lovely rustic style homewares to choose from that are perfect for using for additional seating. For example, the Antique Carved Wood Infused Stool makes an excellent extra seat. It's small and sleek, so fits in just about any space. The Round Recycled Leather Pouffe is also ideal for popping in your home as an extra seat. It's smart, stylish and fits perfectly in small spaces.

2. Be choosy about lighting

Many people don't realise this, but when it comes to lighting, this can have a big impact on the feel of a space. While this mainly relates to the light bulb strength, the lampshade in place is also important. Pick a lampshade that's smart and stylish and fits well with the design of the room. Something that's made of metal often works well as it tends to last longer. As well as adding rustic style via a lampshade, how about adding some extra light sources? To give your home a warm, welcoming vibe, add a couple of lanterns. The Rustic Moroccan Inspired Lighting Delight lantern and the Glass Inspired Rustic Hanging Light are ideal for this. Simply hang these up or place them on a coffee table and add a little extra luxury to the space.

3. Make comfort a priority

The number one thing when it comes to charming your guests is comfort. Style is important but comfort is crucial. If you want to make your guests feel as welcome in your home as possible, it's critical that it's a place that's as comfortable and cosy as possible. No one wants to spend time in a place that's uncomfortable, do they? To give your home a comfort boost, the best thing to do is dot around plush pillows and throws. If you don't want throws laying around, invest in a wicker basket and store them in there. As well as ensuring that any additional seating is as comfortable as possible, such as stools and ottomans. If you're going to invest in a stool for your lounge, make it a Hand Knitted Wool and Wooden Stool.

4. Get creative with storage

Even if you're a messy person, that doesn't mean that your home has to be cluttered. If you want to feel comfortable inviting guests over, storage needs to be your number one priority. The most important thing when it comes to storage is that you're smart about it and make it blend seamlessly into the space. The good news is that when it comes to storage, there are plenty of ways you can stylishly incorporate it into your home. Look out for stylish pieces like the Three Door Luxurious Leather Storage Unit or the Urban Inspired Side-Cupboard.

5. Add style to every design aspect

When it comes to creating a beautiful home that charms your guests, it's crucial to think about every design aspect. It's not just a case of thinking about rustic style homewares like coffee tables and ottomans, but also the other, less obvious details. If you want to create a home that you and your guests love, you need to focus on every detail of the space. It's not just about focusing on the furniture but also things like the flooring and curtains. It's easy to forget about these things, but if you want to create a home you love, it's important that you don't. Think colourful curtain designs, printed rugs and everything in between. Creating a beautiful home that you're proud of is about all aspects of the space, not just the main ones.

6. Don't forget the small details

It's far too easy to forget about the small details when it comes to creating a charming home. However, if you want to create a space that will charm your guests, it's important to take the small things seriously. Accessories are just as crucial as the main features of the room and it's important to realise that. Things like pieces of wall art, mirrors and clocks are all essential design elements. It's items like these that add that little extra touch of style to a space. If you want to create a home that you love, it's essential that you think about accessories. There you have it, everything that you need to know about charming your guests with your home design. To make your home more charming for your guests, take the tips above on board. Shop at April & Oak now!