April & Oak constantly seeks inspiration from creative designers, architecture, and fashion, to put together our fantastic living room furniture ranges for you! We are still blown away to come across designers who come up with imaginative and nifty ways to reinvent furniture. Who would have thought that there could be so many possibilities and variations of a standard 4 legged home addition, but these 11 brilliant and cunning furniture designs will blow you away. What defines these pieces of furniture as inspirational is the convergence of functionality and artistic form - you could call these functional pieces of furniture, art. If you are looking for interior inspiration, make sure you follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google and check out our exciting new furniture, rugs and lighting.

1. UP Balloon Table

Duffy London has created a beautiful illusion that would no doubt ad some excitement to your living room. A real stunning coffee table and functional piece of art. By Duffy London

2. Swing Table

A classic wood dining table will never be exciting to you again after enjoying dinner sitting around this stunning Swing Table. Sharing a meal or conversation with friends, while reminiscing of days as a child on a swing- your guest will be left hanging for more. By Duffy London

3. The Tree Shadow Chair

This stunning accent chair deserves to be the center piece in any living room. With the illusion of the shadow, you wouldn't even have to dress the floor with a rug. Cantilevered using the weight of the shadow, Duffy London demonstrates remarkable design applied to simple engineering principles. By Duffy London

4. Engineered communal Log Table

A modern twist of a large wood dining table. I'm not sure whether the majority of us would find a place in our dining room to fit this work of art, but we are happy to admire its refined design and workmanship. By John Houshmand

5. The Quartz Armchair

If you have a modern home and ‘Google' style workplace, then this stunning accent chair would be a great addition. Pity you need some deep pockets and a large living room to accommodate this beautiful quartz grey chair. By CTRL Zak

6. Customized Panton Chair

Dining chair for any Martians? Inspiring design, ergonomically engineered, this magnificent dining chair would wow any dining room. By Jump Studios

7. The Cut Chair

The cut dining chair is more of a gimmick or sculpture, but gives a lot of joy to those who come into contact. We marvel at the illusion, hoping that it holds our weight. I would say more art than furniture. By Peter Bristol

8. Skull Armchair

The perfect occasional chair for a gothic diva. Skulls have been welcomed into popular designs in home décor, fashion, and now furniture. Although intimidating and bold, Harold Sangouard would have ensured the utmost comfort for our gothic queen. By Harold Sangouard

9. Inception Chair

This stunning sculpture has taken an illusion and tied it to the traditional nesting side table design. Now we have a really impressive dining chair that has confused many of us. Not for my living room, but would be happy to see it in the Sydney Contemporary Museum. By Vivian Chiu

10. Quiet Chair

We love this one! What a great occasional chair. With the padded interior, this stunning chair will mute the sounds of a busy office, university, or buzzing traffic. Nice one TILT. By TILT

11. Quirky Retro Buffet

Now we are being cheeky. Just a little plug in for this quirky nine drawer storage cabinet. This retro style can be used as a buffet or sideboard and is a console to impress your guest. With a diversity in textures, there is something for everyone- hide, bone, wood and metal. By April & Oak